Falling In Love With Thale Noe

Thale Noe means ” The Sea ” and if you saw the piece on my Journey to the sea, you know right away how beautiful, and unique this area is. But today I want to let you see how the Peace Corps program works with the Tessaban Office in Panantung. I have been attending many school events and participating at most. In some just handing out awards, but in others actually speaking or doing an activity with the kids. However , I had not been invited to help in a camp or extended school program. All that changed last two weeks. We had a Holiday here called Songkran. It runs several days with activities each day. The Tessaban is the organization responsible for doing this, so while others had days off we worked. But I met so many great people through this. One terrific opportunity presented itself. Would I help at an English Camp with 103 kids ? Of course I would . Many of the Thai students, can read and write English, but no practice speaking it. So a camp for 10 days mostly in English is ideal. An intense hands on immersion into another world for them.

20140420-143834.jpg so come last Thursday they arrived.

20140420-144006.jpg some looked around with wonder as students from many schools came together.

20140420-144137.jpg but soon the room was filled to overflowing !

20140420-144251.jpg then we got down to business. Greetings in English occupied the first day. It was awesome working in tis arena.

20140420-144512.jpg there were two trainers,I was one, and six teachers from the schools.

20140420-144707.jpg there were major activities each day to encourage teamwork, and creativity.


20140420-144904.jpg everyday there was a full review of the materials presented, and introduction of students and friends.

20140420-145103.jpg we always finished the day on a high note with awards for the top teams as well as outstanding efforts by students. Now I could feel why I was here, the looks on those faces was all the reward I needed.

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